Name Rank Attribute Parent Skill
Agriculture common Wisdom or Strength *
Animal Empathy common Charisma *
Archery common *No Check* *
Athletics common Strength *
Axes common *No Check* *
Balance common Agility *
Concentration common Endurance *
Construction common Strength *
Conversation common Charisma *
Cooking common Endurance *
Crossbows common *No Check* *
Deception common Charisma *
Dual Casting common *No Check* *
Dual Wielding common *No Check* *
Entertain common Charisma *
Fishing common Dexterity *
Fortitude common Endurance *
Gambling common Luck *
Gather Information common Charisma *
Hammer Wielding common *No Check* *
Healing common Wisdom *
Heavy Armor common *No Check* *
Herb Lore common Dexterity or Wisdom *
Instill Fear common Strength or Charisma *
Intuition common Intelligence *
Investigation common Intelligence *
Light Armor common *No Check* *
Mace Wielding common *No Check* *
Medium Armor common *No Check* *
Melee Focus common *No Check* *
Metagaming common Luck *
Mining common Strength *
Perception common Wisdom *
Puzzle Solving common Luck *
Research common Intelligence *
Riding common Agility *
Sailing common Dexterity *
Shield Bash common *No Check* Shields
Shields common *No Check* *
Small Blades common *No Check* *
Spears common *No Check* *
Staves common *No Check* *
Stealth common Agility *
Survival common Wisdom *
Swordsmanship common *No Check* *
Tailoring common Agility *
Thievery common Dexterity or Luck *
Trade common Intelligence or Charisma *
Traps common Dexterity *
Unarmed Combat common *No Check* *
Name Rank Attribute Parent Skill
Blood Magic V Intelligence *
Chaos Magic V Intelligence *
Eldritch Magic V Intelligence *
Higher Powers Epic Luck Metagaming
Mental Magic V Intelligence *
Spirit Magic V Intelligence *
Time Magic V Intelligence *
Name Rank Attribute Parent Skill
Air Magic Rare Intelligence *
Analyze Rare *No Check* *
Beast Bonding Rare *No Check* Animal Empathy
Dark Magic Rare Intelligence *
Death Magic Rare Intelligence *
Earth Magic Rare Intelligence *
Fire Magic Rare Intelligence *
Item Lore Rare *No Check* *
Life Magic Rare Intelligence *
Light Magic Rare Intelligence *
Mana Manipulation Rare Wisdom *
Self Awareness Rare Wisdom Intuition
Water Magic Rare Intelligence *
Name Rank Attribute Parent Skill
Anatomy scarce *No Check* Healing
Astronomy scarce Intelligence Research
Bone Breaker scarce *No Check* Unarmed Combat
Code Breaking scarce Intelligence *
Crushing Blow scarce *No Check* Hammer Wielding
Dense Forging scarce *No Check* Smithing
Dual Strike scarce *No Check* Swordsmanship
Engineering scarce Intelligence Research
Exotic Beasts scarce Charisma Animal Empathy
Exotic Instrument scarce Intelligence or Charisma Entertain
Explosives scarce Intelligence Alchemy
First Strike scarce *No Check* Spears
Grace in Combat scarce *No Check* Light Armor
Imbue Arrow scarce *No Check* Archery
Improved Trip scarce *No Check* Staves
Jagged Slash scarce *No Check* Swordsmanship
Knee Breaker scarce *No Check* Hammer Wielding
Mace Skill 1 scarce *No Check* Mace Wielding
Mace Skill 2 scarce *No Check* Mace Wielding
Mace skill 3 scarce *No Check* Mace Wielding
Multi-Hit scarce *No Check* Staves
Pierce the Veil scarce Dexterity or Wisdom Traps
Polar Conditioning scarce Strength or Wisdom Survival
Pressure Points scarce *No Check* Unarmed Combat
Read Lips scarce Wisdom or Charisma Gather Information
Self Preservation scarce Endurance Fortitude
Shaft Defense scarce *No Check* Staves
Siege Weapons scarce *No Check* *
Skull Knock scarce *No Check* Hammer Wielding
Stun Shot scarce *No Check* Archery
Sword Rebuke scarce *No Check* Swordsmanship
Tumbling scarce Agility Balance
Unarmored Defense scarce *No Check* Unarmed Combat
Name Rank Attribute Parent Skill
Name Rank Attribute Parent Skill
Administration uncommon Charisma *
Aimed Shot uncommon *No Check* Perception
Alchemy uncommon Intelligence *
Animal Husbandry uncommon Charisma or Wisdom Animal Empathy
Appraisal uncommon Intelligence *
Artistry uncommon Wisdom or Charisma Entertain
Blade Throwing uncommon *No Check* Small Blades
Book Binding uncommon Intelligence Scribing
Brewing uncommon Intelligence *
Carpentry uncommon Strength or Dexterity Construction
Celerity uncommon *No Check* Concentration
City Conditioning uncommon Wisdom or Charisma Survival
Climbing uncommon Strength Athletics
Combat Medic uncommon Wisdom Healing
Desert Conditioning uncommon Wisdom or Endurance Survival
Disguise uncommon Charisma Deception
Distilling uncommon Intelligence Brewing
Double Kick uncommon Agility Unarmed Combat
Double Shot uncommon *No Check* Archery
Driving uncommon Dexterity or Agility Riding
Enchanting uncommon Wisdom *
Escape uncommon Agility Balance
Falling Uncommon Agility Balance
Fletching uncommon Dexterity *
Forest Conditioning uncommon Wisdom Survival
Forgery uncommon Intelligence or Charisma Deception
Gemcraft uncommon *No Check* Jewelling
Geography uncommon Luck Metagaming
Grappling uncommon Strength Athletics
Horsemanship uncommon Agility Riding
Hygiene uncommon Wisdom Healing
Innuendo uncommon Luck Metagaming
Jewelling uncommon Agility *
Jumping uncommon Strength Athletics
Lead from the Front uncommon Charisma Administration
Leatherworking uncommon Dexterity or Agility Tailoring
Listening uncommon Intelligence or Wisdom Investigation
Local Politics uncommon Luck Metagaming
Lockpicking uncommon Dexterity or Luck Thievery
Marsh Conditioning uncommon Dexterity or Wisdom Survival
Masonry uncommon Strength Construction
Melee Parry uncommon Agility Melee Focus
Monsters uncommon Luck Metagaming
Percussion uncommon Endurance or Charisma Entertain
Poison Application uncommon Dexterity or Luck Thievery
Poison Making uncommon Dexterity or Intelligence Alchemy
Running uncommon Strength Athletics
Scavenging uncommon Wisdon or Luck *
Scribing uncommon Intelligence *
Searching uncommon Intelligence Investigation
Shipbuilding uncommon Dexterity or Intelligence Sailing
Singing uncommon Charisma Entertain
Smithing uncommon Strength *
String Instrument uncommon Dexterity or Charisma Entertain
Swimming uncommon Strength Athletics
Torture uncommon Strength or Charisma Instill Fear
Tracking uncommon Wisdom *
Trap Disarm uncommon Dexterity Traps
Underground Conditioning uncommon Constitution or Wisdom Survival
Weaving uncommon Strength or Agility Tailoring
Wind Instrument uncommon Agility or Charisma Entertain