Proper Name: Principality of the Sapphire Throne

Ruler: The Most Exalted Thaddius Facthen (Human Male, 60’s) and His Beautiful Queen Evona (Human Female, 30’s)

Government: Imperial monarchy with rulership that passes from father to eldest son. The royal court is heavily influenced by the importance of art and honor (real or imagined).

Resources: Foodstuffs, Gems, Cloth, Herbs, Potions, Medicine

Population: 94,000—Human 70%, Elf 14%, Mixed Race 6%, Dwarf 4%, Beastling 3%, All Others 2% or less

Languages: Common, Elven, Davian

Overview: Arladon lies to the west of the Soulmear Plains in a lush and verdant landscape just before Wolfpeak Hills. It is ruled by the Facthen family. They claim to have a divinely gifted sapphire within their possession that has given them authority to rule unopposed. Arladon has a large number of farms outside of its city limits, and it is one of the world’s main exporters of fruits and grains. Arladon is allied with Quinmoira, an Elven outpost to its east; they provide protection for each other. Many consider Quinmoira to be part of Arladon, the Quinmoiran Elves will not swear fealty to the Sapphire Throne.

While Arladon has no imminent threats, it has been raided by the Orc-led armies of the Broken Skull tribe (and all of its allies), which occupy vast territories to the west of Arladon. South of Arladon, a kingdom of Elementals occasionally skirmishes with Arladon’s forces, as they occasionally try to raid Arladon’s resources (specifically its gem mines).

History: Arladon was once an outpost settled by a race of tall Humans on the border of the Quinmorian forest. With the aid of the Elves, the Humans forged a defensive settlement that has repelled numerous attacks over the years.

Arladon is one of the original nine cities given a Portal Beacon by the deity Tethen. Within months, the outpost was organized into a formal monarchy, with a noble family named Facthen (who were devout followers of Tethen) claiming rule of the Kingdom. The Facthen line organized mining expeditions and planting rotations, making Arladon an influential power with unparalleled influence due to their exports. Their relative peace when compared to other Boundaries has lead to unrivaled prosperity for their ruling class.

The close relationship between the Humans of Arladon and the Elves of Quinmoira has resulted in a local language known as Davian, which is a mix of the Common tongue spoken quickly with soft tones and shortened Elven words. Elves in other parts of the world find the language offensive, but it’s spoken freely within the Boundaries of Arladon and Quinmoira. The children of Arlandon nobles are often raised in Quinmoira in an effort to maintain good relations between neighbors; these children are often called Davians (or Davian Humans).

Within the last 50 years, a cult of those devoted to the art of battle, known as Battle Singers has rapidly grown northwest of Arladon. The have settled in an outpost that goes by many names, and seems to lack a formal ruler. Its martial strength and luck have prevented it from falling to raids by the Broken Skull or Apathetic creatures. However, its lack of central organization has prevented the Sapphire Throne from formally allying with it.

Rumors: While it has been hundreds of years since a major invasion, the most overbearing threat in the area is the Broken Skull. The fields north and east of Arladon are fertile and coveted; the crown sends armed guards to help farmers tend their fields. The crown also sends mining expeditions to the Wolfpeak Hills, and a large number of diplomatic missions with the Quinmorian Elves.