Proper Name: The Stone Realm of Brynmir

Ruler: High Speaker Odrin Greylock (Male Dwarf, Over 200 Years old)

Government: Parliamentary Theocracy. “Eight Speakers of the Mountain” each represent a different population, and elect a leader from among them. They all serve “The Will of The Mountain”.

Resources: Ore, Gems, Artifacts, Exotic Metals, Weapons, Armor, Foodstuffs

Population: 53,000—Dwarf 67%, Gnome 18%, Mixed Race 4%, all other races 3% or less

Languages: Common, Dwarven, Terran, Druidic, Ancient Bryn

Primary Religions: The Dwarves of Brynmir have developed a mysticism based in elemental magic that rivals the religions of banished deities. They follow a coven of Druids and Mystics that maintain holy shrines of stone.

Overview: Brynmir is a Boundary that runs as deep as it does wide. Many believe the halls of The Stone Realm can house thousands more, but it is a city that believes in harmony within itself, and has restricted access for any who are not given permission to live within its deep tunnels. Its residents are primarily Dwarves and Gnomes, and those with elemental blood.

The Boundary is divided into eight communities, known as “groves”, which outsiders do not understand there are no trees under the mountain. Each grove has its own special purpose and living area, producing its own food and trade. While tensions between the groves have always existed, they have never resulted in bloodshed on anything larger than a personal scale. Brynmir is ruled by “Druids of Stone”, which form both regional conclaves and a council that oversees the mountain.

History: The maze of tunnels known as The Stone Realm existed long before it was conquered by Dwarves. It has always been a source of varied and exotic metals with elemental properties, and its lower depths have known entrances to the elemental planes. During an age of great conflict, several Dwarven tribes banded together to forge a settlement within the mountains. Centuries of conflict allowed for small communities within the mountain range, but infighting and stubbornness kept the communities from forming into a true nation.

A Dwarven Druid named Brynmir Truehammer received “The Forged Dream”, as it would be later called. He unified the Dwarven, Gnomish and even Elemental blooded tribes into a singular kingdom, and taught them to treat the mountain as a living entity. As the communities allied, they rid the mountain of its “impurities” – beasts of the Elemental planes and creatures not worthy of the new kingdom – and created a stronghold that experienced continual growth until the Apathetic Plague.

Tradition is strong among Brynmir’s ruling class, as they feel the teachings of Brynmir Truehammer must be observed to main harmony with the mountain. While many forms of arcane mysticism have taken root within the various groves, Truehammer Shrines have a place of honor in nearly every house. A cult of Eldritch Magic has gained prominence in all groves within the last 100 years; despite being branded illegal, it seems to gain new followers every day.

Rumors: The Dwarves are always looking for brave adventurers to drive back creatures from the elemental planes, and provide security for the miners. There are also a number of trade missions which need escorting, as there is only one road out of the mountain.