Proper Name: The Commonwealth of Durgendale

Ruler: Norwald Durgensen (Male Human, 50’s) and his wife, Jenna Durgensen (Female Human, 50’s).

Government: Autocratic Monarchy – The Durgensen family founded Durgendale, and maintains its protection.

Resources: Foodstuffs, livestock, horses, porcelain, dyes.

Population: 72,000—Human 44%, Dwarf 13%, Mixed Blood (Orc) 11%, Gnome 9%, Mixed Blood (Other) 7%, Celestial Blood 4%; Lizardfolk 4%; All others 3% or less.

Languages: Common, Angelic

Overview: Durgendale is one of the few cities that benefited from the loss of the higher courts. The Durgensen family founded Durgendale more than a millennia ago, as a vassal state of Kazadaegha. When The Land was sealed from those in the higher planes, the magics that enabled Kazadaegha to both protect and rule Durgendale failed, allowing it to declare its independence. It has since become a home to those who don’t quite fit in other places; do-gooders who want to help but don’t want to give up their lifestyle, and former slaves who want to spend their freedom by helping others.

The city is quite overcrowded and on the cusp of expansion, and the Durgensen family has a number of hard choices to make in the near future. Their policies of acceptance combined with the general friendly atmosphere make the city a welcome invitation for refugees, and the blood of Angels runs deep within nobles of the city. However a lack the resources to support surrounding outposts has become evident to all.

History: Durgendale was once a worker’s city in the empire of Kazadaegha, a place for those who worked the fields and bred horses for the capitol. Its foodstuffs and trade goods were all for the benefit of Kazadaegha, and many of its farmers existed in an economic slavery to the crown. Revolt and insurrection happened frequently, always resulting in bloodshed. After the deities were banished, a local noble named Collen Durgenson negotiated a truce with the crown on the town’s behalf, forming Durgendale and making it a prosperous trading partner for Kazadaegha.

The Durgensen family has ruled the city since, and have sacrificed much to keep the city safe from both external and internal threats. Not all are happy with daily life in the city, but none would dare challenge their rule, fearing Kazadaegha would invade if the Dergensen family lost control.

Dergendale has some of the best horse trainers in all of The Land, but lacks the space to house most of their breeds. Packs of wild horses roam the countryside, and horses are captured and sold regularly. It also has some of The Land’s largest flocks of cattle and other livestock.

The city-state is also home to some of the poorest free citizens in any of The Red Venom Plains. The citizenship is generally good natured, but an undercity of crime has taken root, and the Durgensen family is under constant threat of struggling with corruption and waste. There are currently no restrictions on movement in and out of the city, making investigation and prosecution of crime difficult.

The city’s most notable festival is Durgensday, which is celebrated in a week long festival, attracting revelers from all known regions. Despite its poverty, citizens of Durgendale have a great deal of pride in their city, and they show it whenever possible.

Rumors: The city’s poverty and pride offer an endless stream of opportunity for heroes looking to make a difference in the lives of those in need of help. Mercenaries are often needed to investigate crimes or enforce laws, or simply to protect the innocent, as the Durgensens are already spread thin. There is also tension with nearby kingdoms and outposts, none of which respect the squalid conditions of Durgendale, and desire its natural resources.