Proper Name: The United Frontier of Southern Elswear

Ruler: Lord-Mayor Gideon Wythe (Human Male, 60’s); Master Sheriff Vikurok (Mixed Breed, Male, 40’s)

Government: Plutocracy, with minor Anarchy. There is no formal voting system, and the government is held together by who can afford to control it. Much of the underclass lives without government interference.

Resources: Herbs, Textiles, Livestock, Ore, Horses, Camels, Domesticated Beasts, Wild Beasts.

Population: 36,000—Human 57%, Mixed Breed 13%, Gnome 10%, Dwarf 7%, Elf 5%, Sprite 4%, All Others 3% or less

Languages: Common, Gnome, Orc, Wilden

Overview: The most southern and newest of cities within The Red Venom Plains, Elswear is truly a wild and unorganized city on the frontier of the known world. It is the last stop before the Thunderpeak Mountains, and it has many outposts surrounding it, as the land is fertile and people are free to live their own lives in this wilderness area. For whatever reason, the Apathetic Plague is not as prevalent in this part of the world.

The area is not without its dangers. Massive windstorms, roaming beasts and rumors of great horrors deter travelers, as does the general lawlessness of the city’s streets. Most people of Elswear are good hearted and just trying to make a new life for themselves, but crime is typically unpunished. Lord-Mayor Gideon is the last in a long line of corrupt politicians that runs the town; with his head of security, an unapologetic Mixed Breed brusier of Orc descent nicknamed “Master Sheriff Vic”, allows those with coin live above the law.

History: Elswear was founded after the Apathetic Plague, as some explorers noticed the beasts of the southern plains were less likely to be infected with the Apathetic Plague. A large number of settlements were established over a short period, but Elswear became the most prominent. Its founder, a Gnomish master of coin named Yabbo Glittergem decided to live “elsewhere”, and even paid for a teleportation circle to be created in the city. He had hoped a huge influx of refugees to the area would strengthen his town and create a central government, but he died before it was completed, leaving a power vacuum and no formal government.

The city is a stepping stone to the Thunderpeak Mountains, a range bustling with both raw ore and monsters. It has plains with wild horses and beasts, and sits just below a swamp which grows highly desired cranberries. The Lord-Mayor does not impose a tax on any people going in or out of his city, but any cargo that goes through the teleportation circle is subject to a tax.

A large number of monstrous races also call the region home, and they rarely experience discrimination. Their coin and labor is as good as any, in the mind of most within the region. You will find Bugbears, Elementals, Gnolls, Goblins, Orcs, and Sprites among the population, living an uneasy coexistence. The Thunderpeak Mountains also hold several unfriendly clans, and border skirmishes are common.

Rumors: As a frontier, there is no end to the adventure possibilities. There are crimes to be solved for the commonfolk, and resources to collect for the land barons. There is a problem with carnivorous equines on the plains, and giant avians that swoop low to steal away the unprepared. A large lake and swamp lurk just north of town, the Angelmear and the Angelmire, which are said to hide the body of a fallen celestial.