Proper Name: The Triumvirate of Far`Telor and its Taiga

Ruler: Tiaga Sy’mnor Treesomm, Male Elf, over 700 years old. “Tiaga” is Elven for “Speak of the People”.

Government: Parliamentary Republic. The Elves of Far`Telor have three rulers (the Triumvirate) who lead their people, each representing a different caste of society. The “Rhentor of Gia” represents the greater Elven nobles and clergy; the “Will of Pneury” represents the lesser Elven nobles and guilds; and the Tiaga represents all Elves across all levels of society. Non-Elves have no representation in Far’Telor.

Resources: Rare and Legendary woods, thywine, ranged weapons, exotic foods, silver and mithril.

Population: 45,000—Elf 78%, Human 5%, Fairy 5%, Mixed Breed 4%, Sprite 4%, All Others 3% or less

Languages: Elf, Common, Fairy, Elemental

Overview: Far`Telor is the oldest surviving realm in The Red Venom Plains and has remained a beacon of light through all troubled times. It had closed borders until the deities were banished, lessening its divine protections. The Elves have very strict customs and immigration policies, and their teleportation portal is very controlled. There are a number of refugee outposts which Far’Telor supports to keep their city pure of non-Elves.

Far`Telor has a prosperous trade agreement with Sirende, which has endured with the help of the portal magic. While the Elves of Far`Telor care for the races outside their borders, they do not wish to be bothered with the politics and crimes of other races.

History: The Elves of the World were the first race (in their recorded history) to settle and establish a kingdom in The Red Venom Plains. Their policies were to establish borders that they could maintain and benefit from, while not expanding to conquer other lands like other races. While they fought countless skirmishes, their cities and populace were never truly threatened until the Apathetic Plague. They felt the imbalance of nature; they saw creatures that were in all ways normal, but without the spirit that binds them to The Land.

The Elves were quick to realize the menace of Apathetic creatures, and saw how resistant they were to traditional magic and weapons. They immediately began to withdraw deep within their borders for protection, and developed early forms of protection magic before the deities were banished from The Land.

Far`Telor is also home to many Fairy creatures, who are also victims to the Apathetic Plague. It is said there is a sacred grove called the Fay Weald, where Fairies who stayed true to the Court of Light could find their way as they passed to their next life. Honor guards from Far`Telor travel to other lands to retrieve dying Fairies, so that they can breathe their final breath in the Weald.

Visitors and non-Elf residents of Far`Telor are escorted to small towns located on the border of the forest, as the Elves they are still protective of their traditions and homeland. Far`Telor is by far the largest Kingdom in The Red Venom Plains by geography, but one of the smallest by population.

Rumors: While the major threats facing the kingdom have been vanquished, there are still plenty of monsters facing every-day travelers. The Far`Telor Elves also support many outposts, requiring travel between them.