Proper Name: The High City of Kazadaegha

Ruler: Her Exalted Radiance Lavernika Sedessa (Human Female, 40’s)

Government: Oligarchy. Intellect rules all in the high City and only the wealthy can afford to study in the academies.

Resources: Foodstuffs, Gems, Cloth, Herbs, Potions, Medicine

Population: 130,000—Human 41%, Elf 29%, Gnomes 15%, Mixed Breed 8%, Dwarf 4%, All Others 3% or less

Languages: Common, Elven, Celestial

Overview: Kazadaegha is in every way, the grandest city-state in the entire region (and some feel, the entire world). It is a large, highly populated port city on the sea of Black Stars, and is home to many of the wealthiest noble families in The Red Venom Plains. Art, architecture and culture are revered, but all are secondary to the city’s main obsession – wealth. Many of the buildings are elaborate towers built impossibly high. The use of magic is evident in everyday life in Kazadaegha, from construction methods to transport between different levels of a building.

The government is ruled by its richest families, and only women are elected for its highest office. There are academies of magic and temples to nearly every type of magic in Kazadaegha. A large opera house is the focus of entertainment in the city, which puts on spectacles that are not missed by any who can afford them.

History: Before the citizens of Kazadaegha had to retreat behind their glittering walls, their kingdom was known as The High Realm of Kazadaegha, as its influence and geographical reach was greater than any other kingdom in the world. Its borders extended south to the Fallsear Lake and east to the Three-Towns. The High Council of Kazadaegha was unprepared for the widespread devastation wrought by the banishment of Deities, and the Apathetic Curse that followed. The High Council erected a magical protections in its capitol city within weeks of the the Apathetic Curse’s spread, but decided it was more economically practical to send its armies and militias to handle the apathetic threat in its smaller cities.

Years passed before the High Council realized its mistake; the ever-spreading wave of Apathetic creatures fed upon its citizens, and spreading out its forces lead to the eventual depletion of its Grand Army. Durgendale and Narakzar were saved by the actions of notable heroes, but thousands perished waiting for the High Council to save them.

An uneasy peace has returned to the High City in recent centuries. The guilds have reorganized themselves into a powerful city-state, and even the waves of homeless refugees that once plagued the city have found a place within the city’s economic structure. Their perpetual focus on progress consumes huge quantities of resources, and Kazadegha supports more expeditions into the Wild Lands than any other government. Some see this as The High Council trying to fight the Apathetic Plague, while others believe The High Realm is once again trying to expand its boundaries for personal gain.

Kazadaegha has also developed an extensive underground network. The city-state is lined with hidden places and service tunnels, allowing cults which to not wish to be seen to flourish. A cult of Eldritch Mages is by far the largest of these groups, as many believe the nobility took power from them, and only Eldritch magic will steal it back.

Rumors: The main concern of every citizen of Kazadaegha is the economy; socioeconomic strife is the cause of most crimes and adventures. Whether they are conducting a trade mission, collecting a debt or enforcing the law (and/or breaking it), money is a primary factor in many of the city based adventures. The High City has also developed many external enemies, and sabotage from the population abandoned by them during the Apathetic Plague is not uncommon.