Proper Name: The Peerless Kingdom of Orthon

Ruler: His Peerless Majesty Bennett Salemme (Human Male, 40’s) and his Peerless Queen Roselin (Human Female, 40’s)

Government: Imperial monarchy with rulership that passes from father to eldest child; all nobles are descended from the Salemme family.

Resources: Furs, Foodstuffs, Incense, Rare Spices, Glasswork

Population: 81,000—Human 59%, Shifter 10%, Halfling 8%, Dwarf 7%, Half-Elf 5%, Elf 4%, All Others 3% or less

Languages: Common, Orthonian, Sylvan, Giant

Overview: Orthon is an ancient kingdom, forged of those who decided to seek the edge of civilization for solitude and strength. It is ruled by its founding family with an iron fist, and all who seek power must prove their relationship to the Salemme family. It is a city of sparkling towers and colored glass, magically reinforced against the strong winds of the north. There are many exotic spices preferred by the kingdom’s residents which assault the senses for an outsider, and this city has a style completely different from any other.

Daily life in Orthon is run by members of the Salemme family, and many of its noble houses compete with each other for power and recognition within the kingdom. Many commoners and mercenaries are simply pawns in their games, sometimes thrown away, but often making profit by working the intrigues of the capital.

History: Orthon was founded by the Peerless Dnonn Salemme during before the banishment of deities, and has been a solitary bastion for many years. Its Grand Portal was one of the first created by the Order of Tethen, and many across The Red Venom Plains were surprised when the Salemme families chose to link their city with others through the portals. The open borders have brought new trade and new pawns to their game of power, but it is clear that despite a crack in their closed society, the Salemme family is firmly in control.

One of the greatest irritations to the nobles of Salamme is an outpost just outside of the city. Large tribes of Beastlings lived to the woods north of Orthon. They were accepted within Orthonian society as respected guards and soldiers, but some would argue they were respected as pets, and not equals. Inevitably, a royal daughter had an affair with a powerful Beastling named Drellix, which started a small war, ending in the banishment of Beastlings from Orthonian lands. During the Apathetic Plague, descendants of Drellix came to the aid of Orthon, and proved their worth to the Orthonian people. An outpost was established for Beastlings just beyond the city’s limits, and while Beastlings walk freely in Orthon, the Salemme family will always remember their betrayal.

The populace of Orthon has a corrupted sense of Honor and Duty; they mostly believe it is their honor and their privilege to do what is in the best interest of their city and those they serve, but also feel improving their life is a way to improve their master’s. It is sometimes said that it is only fear or being caught that makes the commoners a proud people, as they would not lower themselves to commit petty crimes (unless they believed they have no chance of getting caught).

Weather in Orthon varies quite a bit. In the summer, hot breezes blow from the Krellbrill Mountains; in the winter, cold gusts from the Still Sea frost everything within the city. The temperature changes have created a number of unique plants and minerals, allowing for the creation of colored glass that can be made as hard as steel. Orthonian Glass is a highly prized export, and only few know the secrets of working it into anything more than window panes.

Rumors: Intrigue between the nobles always requires pawns, as does their economy. Orthon borders several harsh environments and hostile boundaries are within range of attacks. Justice is a word used commonly when hiring mercenaries.