Proper Name: The Liberated Collective of Wyndmere

Ruler: High Priestess Sakuranza, The Light of Harmony (Female Demonkin, 50’s)

Government: Theocratic Meritocracy. A cult of Light and Darkness rules the city-state, but appoint anyone deemed worthy to positions of power if deemed in the cult’s interests.

Resources: Foodstuffs, Textiles, Magical Artifacts and Trinkets, Art, Entertainers

Population: 52,000—Elf, 36%, Demonkin 30%, Mixed Breed 12%, Human 8%, Gnome 5%, Sprite 4%, All Others 3% or less

Languages: Elf, Common, Infernal

Overview: Wyndmere is an enclave of art and free thinking, where effort is spent not just on life, but on living. The trees and the buildings mesh into harmonic patterns, and while each citizen must prove their worth, the truly talented can find a place to live out their days in harmony with everything around them. Even the light is refracted into different hues within the city, creating scenes unlike anywhere else in the world. Most that live within the city have Darkvision or are used to the alternate light conditions.

The city is often considered too wild or too eccentric for many outsiders.  Besides the odd architecture and clothing worn by its citizens, many racial taboos are forms of enjoyment in Wyndmere.  It is often said there is a pleasure in pain, according to the locals.  Some of the long-time residents have adapted their magical abilities to fit the city-state’s unique personality, and many unique spells exist within the city’s magic schools.

History:  Wyndmere was founded shortly after the banishment of deities by a tribe of Monks that looking for a new path.  They believed in finding beauty in all things, whether peaceful or destructive.  They established a commune open to all, believing those who shared their virtues would find peace away from the border wars raging to the west.

As the Apathetic Plague swept across The Red Venom Plains, Wyndmere had acquired a reputation as a haven away from the world, a place of peace and serenity.  Demonkin and Elves had settled there more than any other, drawn to the elements and the shadowy silence practiced by the so-called “Followers of Hrorand”.  The peace also attracted a large sect of Sprites, who saw harmony in the elemental serenity.  They saw patterns within the dark, and happiness within the colors.

Within years, a settlement of quiet serenity was transformed into an sprawling city of festive beauty, with art and experience taking precedence over serenity.  Rather than oppose the change, the Monks of Hrorand adapted to it, melding their elemental abilities into the city’s harmony.

With few local enemies, the city expanded well beyond its manageable borders.  When the Apathetic Plague finally approached Wyndmere, much of the city’s outer regions were abandoned, and exist as a layer of macabre artwork surrounding the city’s outer border.  A large shrine to the founding Monks of Hrorand was protected just north of the city as an Outpost, and many make the pilgrimage there despite the dangers.

Wyndmere has many odd customs and festivals that attract visitors far and wide, and all manner of entertainments can be found there.  Their art is said to be second to none, and they craft magic items for use by all other civilizations.

Rumors:  Artifice, Ceremonies and certain forms of entertainment require many abnormal components, and crafters are always looking for more to fill their orders.  Adventurers are often sent to the ruins outside the town to retrieve family heirlooms or works of great art.  There is a great deal of intrigue within the town, and some take the enjoyment to a dark place, creating problems.