Welcome to The Land!

Welcome, “Chaos Seed”, which is a term that should apply to you if you are reading these documents. You have been selected to start a new chapter of your life in a place both familiar and totally different; a place where you can become anything, or perish as nothing.The Land has summoned you to a region that begs for change. You must decide the course of that change.

The Sea of Chaos is still taking shape. Much is yet to be decided, and that which has taken shape is not ready to be revealed. As we near Late Winter 2020, secrets will emerge and shape The Land. Unfortunately you are not yet ready to emerge from the Chaos and conquer The Land. Or perhaps The Land is not yet ready for you. But do not despair, servant of Chaos. Your time will come. ~

Until the “Player’s Section” is Live, enjoy the following links:



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