Proper Name: The Sovereign City of Faldspar

Ruler: Duke Moryn Armlock (Human, Male, 40s)

Government: Feudal Monarchy. The Duke rules his city; multiple sectors and guards rule below him, all paying fealty to him. Rule is passed to the eldest son of the ruler.

Resources: Ore, Gems, Tools, Candles, Honey, Livestock

Population: 77,000—Human 51%, Gnome 18%, Dwarf 11%, Mixed Blood 7%, Elf 4%, Sprite 4%, All Others 3% or less

Languages: Common, Gnome, Giant

Overview: Faldspar is two cities that share geography. The “Upper City”, as it is now called, is the home to its original residents- Humans of what they believe to be the purest blood, descended from the first Humans upon The Land. The “Lower City” is composed of those who live under the “protection” of the Upper City, a mix of refugees and legitimate businesses trying to make a living under the shadow of an overbearing upper class.

Faldspar is divided into several sectors, typically sorted by economy and craft. All pay taxes to the Lord of the Sector, who pays their Noble Lord, which pays the Duke. It is a corrupt and uneven system, but it allows those in power to stay in power. Those in the Outer City permit it however, as the Duke believes it is his responsibility to keep the city secure, and rallies his armies (mostly composed of Upper City residents) to fight incursions and pay for security on trade shipments.

History: The Sovereign City of Falspar was founded a millennia ago formally, but its historians claim it existed in a secret perfection for untold centuries before it was discovered by travelers. Nationalism and love for Faldspar runs deep within all parts of the city, and while many dislike the Duke, all love the city itself.

Many believe Faldspar was founded by members of the Court of Light, who founded it as a sanctuary of Human purity. Faldspar scholars believe that only Humans have the strength to overcome the challenges of existence. They believe in an orderly system of government going from bottom to top, and that only The Court of Light rules above the Duke. Astronomy and Astrology also have deep influence on all levels of the city.

Despite stories to the contrary, Humans of Faldspar generally do not discriminate against other races. Faldspar has a great racial diversity in its Lower City, but all of the Lords are Human, descendants of one of the many noble houses of the Upper City, tasked with managing their workers. Slavery is both illegal and unethical to the nobles of Faldspar, but indentured servitude is a common practice.

A rare metal, also known as Faldspar, is mined from mountains near the city; it is difficult to acquire and hard to work, but can be used to create armor and weapons resistant to acid. Some believe the city was named for it, while others believe it was a gift to the ruling family from the gods. A local bee produces excessive wax and honey near the in a wood known for giant insects; the city has a brisk business in wax products for those brave enough to collect the raw materials.

Rumors: The city is always in need of raw materials for its goods. There are daily expeditions to the mountains for ore and gems; the steppes for sheep; or the hives for honey and wax. Mercenary and Merchant companies have formed in service of the lords, which all pay a fair wage for those who survive their tasks. Many of the lords secretly compete for power, and it is very possible for an outsider to unintentionally – or intentionally – become involved in a dispute between them, profiting off the misfortune.