Proper Name: The Sirende Fair Trade Sector

Ruler: The Council of Sirende is composed of between 20 and 50 Councilors of various races, all of which have an equal vote in rule of the city. There is always an elected leader, but it changes every year.

Government: Meritocratic Council. Councilors are chosen by their peers, and may be given a stay of rule for actions that help the city. Councilors are often appointed for doing great public service, or increasing the political or financial strength of Sirende. Councilor appointments are not permanent, and they step down after they are done assisting the city.

Resources: Merchant Supplies and Boats; Fish; Elven Trade Goods; a thriving Black Market

Population: 94,000—Human 38%, Mixed Breed 16%, Elf 11%, Dwarf 9%, Halfling 7%, Gnome 5%, Beastling 4%, All Others 3% or less

Languages: Common, Elven, Aquatic

Overview: Sirende has always been a major ship building and trade port on the Sea of Black Stars, and holds exclusive trade contracts with the Elves of Far’Telor. Its coastline is battered by constant rain and storms, and severe fog that drifts off the Sea. The locals have developed a water resistant paste that leaves a deep red hue on whatever it coats, so many refer to ships made in Sirende as “Leet”, because of the herb paste used in the coating.

Sirende has one of the largest markets all of The Red Venom Plains, and it is said anything can be purchased there if you know where to look. It is said that it also has one of the most developed underground networks.

History: Sirende formed when the Elves of Far’Telor opened their gates for trade with the world, but did not want outsiders within their city. They brought their goods exclusively to Sirende, which then traded them to the rest of the world via their ships. This resulted in an unexpected explosion in growth for Sirende; soon merchants from across the land traveled to set up shop in Sirende, in hopes that either the Elves of Far’Telor or another visiting merchant would buy their goods.

No one is quite sure how Sirende acquired its name; there are many local legends surrounding it. Sirende is managed by a “Council of Peers”, who must annually prove their worth to remain on the council. Local heroes and merchants who publicly benefit the city are often named to the council for a short time, but only the truly powerful merchants remain on the council for consecutive years.

The port has always been plagued with pirate attacks. Using the fog as cover, there are many raids on ships going to or docked in the city, and many types of creatures prey on the ports; its said that some of them live in cavernous boroughs below the shoreline, benefiting from the city’s protection magic while raiding its commerce. There are also rumors of sea monsters and legendary beasts within its harbor.

The average age of citizens in Sirende is younger than most other city-states, as its constant trade and physical labor favors the young and mobile. Many older citizens feel the hustle and constant mist aggravate their aged joints, so only those that are the most prosperous stay within the city – or those that have no choice but to stay.

Rumors: In a city with some much commerce on the move, it is easy to find employment as either a guard or laborer. There is the constant threat of pirates and sea creatures; or bandits on the road. There are resource gathering expeditions for lumber and minerals, and security within the town itself. Sirende has a number of smaller outposts which it supports through trade, and a criminal network that rivals its legitimate trade network. A mysterious cavern of crystalline creatures lies to the south of Sirende, and while there are no formal relations or war between the two, they are hostile to intruders.