Proper Name: Dominion of the Staves

Ruler: Janel Undom the Righteous, Master of Staves (Human Female, Female Half-Elf, 70s)

Government: Socialist Magocracy.  The government is broken into six councils; each council’s leader has a Staff of Power.  One of the six is chosen to be Master of Staves.

Resources: Foodstuffs, Medicinal Seaweed, Magic Components, Scrolls and Potions, Armor

Population: 143,000—Human 48%, Elf 21%, Dwarf 12%, Mixed Breed 9%, all other races 3% or less

Overview:  The Dominion of Staves, as it is formally known, is a “Cooperative of the Greater Good”, as described by the leaders of these conjoined cities.  The Dominion is comprised of the city proper (Valinde), Elves of the Windy Isle, Dwarves of the Mount Flagon, and the trading outpost of Hobborn.  The outposts are connected to Valinde through a series of well guarded passages and portal magic, and their rulers have equal seating on the Council of Staves.

Valinde itself is a place where those who have earned citizenship enjoy a prosperous life.  Citizenship in Valinde must be earned by birthright or by sponsorship.  Citizenship guarantees food, employment and security.  Many non-citizens vie for citizenship, performing tasks for citizens with little or no pay, in hopes that they will be sponsored and given access to the wealth of Valinde.

History: The Dominion of Staves is one of the earliest Human cities, but not as old as Kazadhaega.  A great adventuring wizard named Valinde gathered his allies and searched for a new land to settle, a place where the greed of nobles would not ruin the life of everyday citizens.  He believed those interested in the pursuit of the arcane arts were less likely to be concerned with wealth, and formed the Dominion of Staves.

Thousands of settlers flocked to his kingdom seeking a new life, sparking tensions with his neighboring kingdoms – a Dwarven kingdom to the east, and an Elven kingdom off its coast.  Through masterful diplomacy, Valinde Sharesall, as he was known by his populace, offered them equal rule within his kingdom, and formed a powerful alliance that is sustained to this day.

During the Apathetic Plague, when the populace had to retreat, citizens of a small but proud trading town to the north refused to abandon their land, as it was in the heart of a fertile valley.  The Council of Staves decided to add the town to their Council, giving its ruler a Staff of Power, and equal share in the rule.  The small town, Hobborn, has grown to become a vast trading city, where adventures to the north begin and where travel across the Sea of Black stars is possible.

Within the city proper of Valinde, three staves rule the populace.  The leader of the Council has always been one of these three staves, and neither the Elves nor Dwarves have challenged this fact, as they appreciate the alliance and trade brought by their association.  The Staff of Protection leads the city’s militia, and their elite guard, the Night Staves.  It is said these soldiers, all followers of a banished god, are a bit fanatical, and even prejudiced against those who are not full citizens of the Dominion.  The Staff of Community provides social services to the town, and organizes the production of food.  Its power is immeasurable to non-citizens, as it is the council responsible for granting citizenship.  The Staff of Knowledge is responsible for magical research, lore, and for recording all known history.

Rumors:  A city this prosperous has many ways to employ an adventurer.  Non-citizens are always looking for ways to impress citizens; the Staff of Knowledge is always hiring those who can acquire knowledge for them; and guards are constantly needed to keep the borders and trade ways clear of beasts and pirates.