Proper Name: The Mystical Arcology of Lanthe, Jewel of the Black Star Sea

Ruler: Razza Renforth (Female Half-Elf, 60’s)

Government: Parliamentary Communist – The government provides services for all its citizens, but there is one ruler and a ruling council that makes all decisions. The Ruler is elected by the “Cooperative” and serves for one year; there are no limits on re-election.

Resources:; Rest and Relaxation; Curative Potions; Fine Clothing; Footwear; Tools.

Population: 112,000—Human 26%, Elf 19%, Dwarf 17%, Half-Orc 14%, Tiefling 7%, Lizardfolk 5%, Gnome 4%; Dragonborn 4%; All others 3% or less.

Languages: Common

Overview: Lanthe is a city of serene peace overlaying a tyranny of supreme order. It is truly one of the most blessed, and prosperous places in The Red Venom Plains. It sits on a series of bluffs overlooking the calmest waters of the Sea of Black Stars, with white sand beaches that stretch for miles and fertile forests and jungles on most sides. The only power base close enough to threaten them is a tribe of Lizardfolk to the north, whom the Cooperative has brokered a long-standing peace agreement with. Lanthe truly is a shining jewel in a world of darkness.

This beauty does have a price. Lanthe is a city restricted to residents; while any may enter, only its citizens have the right to shelter or social services. Citizenship can be purchased or earned through great deeds, but to prevent overpopulation, it is not uncommon for less productive citizens to be relocated to one of the many outposts they have created for their refugees.

History: Lanthe has a bloody history which has been well hidden by its historians. The perfection of its location was observed by travelers even in the ages before civilization, and many settlers sought to make it their own. Constant bloodshed and conflict fertilized the land and left holes within the cliff which civilization would later use to grow. The Apathetic Plague caused all of these factions to unite and repel invaders from their land; their combined success allowed a government to be formed. The city has been nothing but prosperous since.

Lanthe is well known or its “Healing Pools”, natural caves with magical water that removes ailments and slows aging. There is a great cost for visiting them as they have limited powers and the cost is great, and some will wait for years within the city for a chance to be restored.

The “Cooperative” is a parliament of notable citizens of Lanthe who decide the fate of the city; every year they elect a speaker, but it is typically the same speaker for decades at a time. There are five major branches of government, and each has numerous sub-divisions. The most powerful is the Cooperative of Relaxtion, which controls the healing waters of the arcology; followed by the Cooperative of Community, which runs the social services of Lanthe; the Cooperative of Family, which controls population; the Cooperative of Justice, which oversees justice and law; and the Cooperative of Entertainment, which oversees keeping the citizens happy.

Lanthe has many festivals, more than any other civilization, and people come from every portal city to enjoy the festivities. The celebrations are carefully orchestrated and controlled, but are spectacles worth seeing.

Rumors: The city relies on imported goods, and is always looking for guards for protection. They have many trades with their numerous outposts, and are always looking for people to harvest fruit from their nearby jungles. There are also a series of tunnels under the Arcology that need constant patrolling, and protection for their fishing vessels.